The question is not if we should pay college athletes — but how

Acknowledging there is an issue is easy; fixing it is a bit more complicated

Zion got lucky, but so many others do not (Image via Streeter Lecka/Getty)

Modern gladiators

“I may not survive this, but at least I made more than Zion” (Image via Heritage Images/Corbis)
“When did we get to the point where all we care about it is money?” (Image via Getty Images)

Why not make/let the schools pay them?

The average college football team already makes more money than the next 35 college sports combined — do we want a world where those next 35 college sports don’t even exist?

Image via Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

A double standard

Kyle Snyder: A college athlete and paid Olympian (Image via AP Photo/David Dermer)

A multi-faceted and (relatively) simple solution

1. The CA-UBI

Image via Samuel Marshall/Eric Evans Photography

2. Performance-based bonuses

3. Unrestricted access to endorsements

This is ultimately about lifting ridiculous restrictions from a gifted part of our society that has been held down for too long and allowing them to thrive.

Some secondary benefits

Lack of Parity


Two high school draftees, two very different careers (L: Image via Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports; R: Image via Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

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