An open letter to the Toronto Raptors from an admittedly emotional fan


Dear Masai (and I guess Dwane),

At least they won in 2k
  • Our core had been together for multiple years and had never looked better;
  • We were rocking a fresh new offence, orchestrated by your boy Nick Nurse, that wasn’t exclusively reliant on DeMar DeRozan 18-to-20-foot jump shots;
  • We had the best regular season in franchise history;
  • We were the #1 seed in the East; and most importantly
  • A LeBron James-led team looked like absolute trash.
  • Out of the playoffs after another soul-crushing second round sweep at the hands of the Cavs;
  • Without a head coach (who was probably fired one year too late — Dwane, I thought I told you to stop reading); and
  • In that awful, nervous state you try to avoid at all costs as a franchise of, “what the f*ck do we do now?”

1. Get rid of Serge Ibaka

Right before he turned it over/fumbled the ball/dribbled off his foot (probably)
Wouldn’t it be nice to potentially match LeBron’s production with one person instead of two???? Or $20 million instead of $60 million??????

I’m sick of tricking myself into thinking our ceiling can go higher when deep-down I know it’s been the same for three years.

  • 2004 Pistons brought in Rasheed;
  • 2006 Heat brought in Shaq;
  • 2008 Celtics brought in Ray Allen AND Kevin Garnett;
  • 2009 Lakers had traded for Pau Gasol the year before (and then won again in 2010);
  • 2012 Miami brought in LeBron and Chris Bosh the year before (and then won again in 2013);
  • 2016 Cavaliers brought in LeBron the year before; and
  • 2017 Warriors brought in Durant the year before.
  1. That you need a superstar to win a championship (which we don’t have); and
  2. You likely won’t draft said superstar so you need to get him through other means.



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