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A decade into my professional career, I’ve managed and been managed by an array of folks — MBAs, PhDs, doctors, nurses, engineers, and many people in between.

There is no question that different people require different management styles, but throughout all of these experiences, there have been common threads that have led to managers getting the most out of me, or me getting the most out of people that I’ve managed.

The good news: it isn’t rocket science.

Although much has been written and researched about how to manage, what I’ve found is that what we want out of managers…

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***This article originally appeared in Healthy Debate***

Hospitals sit at the heart of our healthcare system, acting as a vital access point for lifesaving and critical care. However, across Canada, an unfortunate feature of almost every hospital is a crowded emergency department (ED). With crowded EDs come long waits for the individuals and families wanting to access essential emergency services. The latest report from Health Quality Ontario suggests that individuals in Ontario are waiting on average 3.9 and 2.4 hours in EDs for more serious and less serious issues, respectively.

These wait times are the result of a number of…

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I remember the beginning.

I was young, but I remember.

I remember being drawn to the striped orange ball, before knowing what it was going to mean.

I remember dribbling alone in the driveway, while the scraping of hockey sticks on asphalt echoed elsewhere.

I remember Damon Stoudamire, the Mighty Mouse, the Rookie of The Year.

I remember going to Raptorball camp at the downtown Y and high-fiving Doug Christie.

I remember when I didn’t care about winning, because all that mattered was that I had a team of my own.

Then I remember the 1998 draft.

I remember when things changed.

I remember when a hockey city evolved

I remember…

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Why simply making primary care more convenient will go a long way in reducing overcrowding in the ED

We live in an economy that is defined by convenience.

The success of today’s most notable companies is based on their ability to save you time, money, and/or effort. Uber and Lyft can get you from Point A to Point B faster (and cheaper) than a traditional cab; Foodora and DoorDash can show and bring you any cuisine instead of having to separately call individual restaurants; Google can increasingly bring you perfectly curated search results for whatever you are looking for online (when was the last time you had to go to the forsaken Page 2 of a Google search?).

Educators are essential to America’s future, so why don’t we treat them as such?

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In the United States, public education typically finds itself in the news for all the wrong reasons: American students testing poorly against its peers; stark inequities between schools based on neighbourhood; teachers — across an increasing number of states — constantly on the verge of striking.

Many of the issues in the US education system are systemic, which is a major reason why actual change, as is so often the case with policy in general, is far harder to come by than talked-about change. …

Acknowledging there is an issue is easy; fixing it is a bit more complicated

Zion got lucky, but so many others do not (Image via Streeter Lecka/Getty)

It was one of the most anticipated college basketball games of the year — Duke vs North Carolina. Two top-10, powerhouse, and longstanding rival programs that have given us some of the greatest and most memorable college and professional basketball players of all time: Vince Carter, Grant Hill, Sam Perkins, James Worthy, Christian Laettner, Tyler “Psycho T” Hansbrough, and of course, Michael Jordan.

The list goes on and on, and this year, Duke has added one of the more unique and physically imposing individuals to this list: a 6'7, 285-pound specimen with a name built for greatness, Zion Williamson. The…

Every winter, Canadians get hyped up for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Junior Championships. A two-week tournament showcasing the best under-20 hockey players from around the world, it has grown in profile year-over-year to the point that the participating young men are treated like international celebrities (even though many of them are less than a year out of — or still in — high school).

I should caveat that statement by saying that the profile has grown in Canada to a point of borderline hysteria; to the rest of the world — even a prideful hockey nation like Russia —…

At the season’s quarter-way mark, the Toronto Raptors are the #1 team in the NBA. As a lifelong — and sometimes obsessive — Raptors fan, few things are as satisfying to write as that sentence.

The Raptors are 19–4(!), have a true superstar in Kawhi Leonard (a fact that was further proven in his 37-point effort in the Raptors’ first win over the Warriors since 2014), and seemingly have found the right balance of experience, athleticism, and modern style-of-play that they’ve struggled to achieve in years past.

But for all the (deserved) hype that Kawhi, Lowry, and the rapidly-ascending Pascal…


Dear Masai (and I guess Dwane),

I want to start by taking a step back and thanking you both for what you’ve done for the Raptors, Toronto, and basketball as a sport in Canada and beyond.

The past five years have brought something that I — as a Torontonian born in the 90s — have never really experienced before as a sports fan: sustained success.

The Jays won back-to-back in 1992 and 1993 when I was still figuring out how to walk and/or not shit my pants so that doesn’t really count. …

Last week, BlackBerry announced that John Chen, their CEO, was getting a five-year contract extension to continue his transformation of the once-smartphone-titan into a more lean, focused software company.

BlackBerry is in a fairly stable — and vastly different — place these days, but it is still hard to believe that 10 years ago, they were the talk and envy of the tech world. By now, we all (should) know the story of BlackBerry; the Canadian tech giant (formerly known as Research in Motion) whose astronomical rise was only matched by its astronomical fall.

BlackBerry wasn’t just a tech company…

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